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Flood Reports CentremapsLive

Floods / SuDS Reports

A range of data and models to assess surface and sub-surface risks to property and infrastructure both now and considering climate change

Floodview Commercial CentremapsLive

Commercial Flood Report

Commercial Floodview is a comprehensive flood risk search for commercial properties, comprising a fully interpreted flood risk assessment and a view on the likely availability of flood risk insurance for the property


Residential Flood Report CentremapsLive

Residential Flood Report

Flood provides a comprehensive and accurate assessment of all flood risks, reducing the need for further searches


Geosmart FloodSmart

Phase 1 Contaminated Land Surveys for planning applications, building regulations and property transactions


Groundsure Groundscreen

An early view of development risks, along with remedial cost ranges relating to the presence of ground and groundwater contamination and geotechnical issues.


FloodSmart Analytics

Designed to help clients better understand the risk related to property assets  – from a single lending decision on a mortgage or insurance policy – through to an entire loan book or insurance portfolio.


Geosmart SuDSmart Centremaps

GeoSmart SuDSmart

Sustainable Drainage Reports (SuDS) for planning applications and property transactions


GeoSmart SD50 CentremapsLive

GeoSmart SD50

Identifying site suitability for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) schemes for developers, architects and local authorities

GeoSmart GW5 CentremapsLive

GeoSmart GW5

Combining comprehensive data on geology, permeability and historic groundwater levels, it advances data insight to reveal potential susceptibility to groundwater emergence rather than specific risk

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